National Institute of Health at EPA, Washington DC
June 10-15, 2017
IEI Presentations:
*Extreme Environmental Events: Impacts on Indigenous Elders, Adaptations and Resilience
*Native American Policy Considerations: Cultural Implications and Environmental Health Perspectives


Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums (ATALM) at Tamaya, Albuquerque, NM
October 9-11, 2017
IEI Presentations:
*Navajo Skies: Navajo Astronomy for a planetarium
*Indigenous Views of the Sky: a panel with Walter Echo-Hawl, Scott Momaday, David Begay and Nancy Maryboy


Il Congreso Internacional Solei at the University of Magdalena, in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America
March 14-16, 2018
IEI Presentation


American Astronomical Society, at Denver. CO
June 3-7, 2018


Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums (ATALM) – Mystic Lake, MN
October 8-1, 2018


National Indian Education Association (NIEA) at Hartford, CT
October 10-13, 2018

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